The biggest concern one has while migrating workloads to run on Kubernetes is the way stateful workloads are handled. The lack of persistent storage has indeed forced many to consider an approach where stateful pieces are kept out of Kubernetes. If the applications are rescheduled to a different node by Kubernetes then the applications will lose access to the database, impacting their statefulness.

In this session, this pain point was discussed and other open source solutions that are available to handle stateful workloads were explored. One such open source solution – Kadalu storage – helps in achieving data agility for the stateful workloads. The Kadalu storage solution is based on GlusterFS, an open source Distributed File System that can store multiple petabytes of data.

You can listen to Mr Aravinda Vishwanathapura, the co-founder and creator of Kadalu storage solution discussing about providing persistent volumes to stateful workloads in Kubernetes.

Considering the 12 principles of Agile and categorising them into different organizational behaviors within a software development enterprise.

In this webinar by Aritha, Mr Pruthviraj Phanendrakumar, a data scientist and tech enthusiast, detailed on a many aspects of application of Image Analytics in general and the OCR tools and techniques in particular.

Our Lean management transformation services are designed to enable organizations embrace Agile practices effectively.

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