Chatbot CI/CD

Aditya Prabhakara, Head of Technology at Aritha, was the main speaker at the webinar Chatbot CI/CD

In this hour long webinar, he takes a deep dive into various dimensions that go into building a chatbot CI/CD.

Aditya set the tone by stating the Agenda- A brief recap of past sessions, CI/CD specific to chatbot, fault lines – bottlenecks to build an effective pipeline, a possible pipeline and provisions for CI/CD in Rasa.

As the webinar unfolded, Aditya explained a little about the past 2 webinars on chatbot: 1. Chatbot NLU and 2. Chatbot success and key-points, to establish the continuity to the tri-part series of chatbot webinars. Further he talked about the different lifecycles of chatbot – Application, Training model and Chatbot.

The webinar decoded the fault lines, in which Aditya explained using coding demonstrations about different aspects of chatbot that need to be managed, chat UI, training data, what are the proprietary actions, NLU and test cases.

Towards the end of the webinar, Aditya described the steps to build a pipeline. He summarized how to create a clear segregation of Application, training data set, NLU model, Business actions and test cases and to use an integration tool like Jenkins to link them together.


UI development is a very time-consuming activity especially if you want to get pixel perfect UIs built.

In this webinar we will look at the challenges of  communication between microfrontends and how to handle navigation between the microfrontends. 

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