How does a Chatbot work? What are the different ways to make them learn how to respond to different input. Clarifying myths, demonstrating the basic operation of a chatbot followed by an interesting Q&A

Aditya Prabhakara, head of Technology at Aritha, starts this webinar with the definition of a Chatbot, and Virtual Agents, the driving force behind it. Quoting the Gartner prediction on Virtual Employee Assistants, which by 2021 will be used by 25% of the Digital Workers, Aditya explains how Virtual Employee Assistants are going to be the biggest application of Artificial Intelligence.

The webinar deconstructs various types of chatbots we have, and how it works on a set of rules, where the questions and menu items are hardcoded. Aditya has illustrated simplified chatbot coding by coding a banking customer care bot. He talks about Artificial Intelligence powered Chatbots that must pass the Turing Test (developed by Alan Turing). You will gain insights on the approach to Natural Language Understanding with classic illustrations.

Throughout the webinar, Aditya explains chatbot coding with useful demonstrations. This highly interactive webinar with our enthusiastic audience where Aditya answers all questions, will help you better your coding concepts on chatbots.

Aditya Prabhakara, Head of Technology at Aritha, has explained the key points that one needs to ponder while implementing chatbot for their business.

Many mobile apps that aim to provide platform agnostic solutions, face challenges in attaining parity in design and implementation.

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