Considering the 12 principles of Agile and categorising them into different organizational behaviors within a software development enterprise, the Speaker Suresh Marur shared the cultural patterns that are very much important for agile transformation. During the course of the webinar, Suresh drew from his own experience of driving agile transformation in a mid-size software product development organization.

He starts with how Behaviours, Principles and Values are related and how they inform us on how to influence culture. He then dissected the12 Agile principles into 5 broad categories and called out the behavioural challenges in each of them from the different stakeholders involved in the transformation (Scrum Masters, Product Owners/Managers, Senior Leadership, People Managers and Team Members).

If you are already practicing Agile in any capacity, use the video as a ready reckoner to assess and calibrate your own experiences with Agile transformation and anticipate problems and get ahead in the process. If you are a beginner, it will help you understand the landscape before you dive in and start the journey.

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