UI development is a very time-consuming activity especially if you want to get pixel perfect UIs built. The process to build UI typically ends up being a “waterfall model” with each checkin threatening to derail the product delivery.

While API development has caught up with the Agile ways of programming, mainly by the use of Microservices, UI development is yet to be as scalable. Many UI frameworks viz Angular, React have enabled UI to be as modular as possible. But scalable UI development is yet to be the norm.

In this session we will go a step further and try to discuss how to liberate UI building process by adopting a Microfrontend architecture approach. Microfrontends truly enable UI teams to build UI in a scalable fashion. We will start with an understanding of Microfrontends and key architectural elements needed to make microfrontends work. The session will end with a demo demonstrating different elements that go in building such a front end.

In this webinar, the speaker Jayaprakash Puttaswamy (JP), shared his experience on role of managers in developing technical agility of their teams.

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