This webinar has an explanation of SCM (supply chain management) in manufacturing industry with the backdrop of ecosystem and working styles in an organization. There is a digital divide between the large corporations and SMEs. The history of technology in supply chain shows how lack of awareness, maturity and affordability that have forced the SMEs to lower their technology adoption. Pavan draws his experience from his past research of interviewing 100+ manufacturing companies to understand the lack of use of technology in their business.


Today’s business works in a collaborative way, where technology decides; players are taking the ecosystem along and have an open mindset to adopting technology. Pavan illustrated a live example of an organization that was not aware of three V’s (Velocity, Variability and Visibility) of Supply Chain and which actually was the reason why they were lagging in their sales.

The use of AI is used in facial recognition and development of algorithms to read and predict outcomes is also growing. With some illustrations, Aditya explained how facial recognition actually works – the different stages and the challenges faced, what’s a good place to start: FaceNet, AWS Rekognition and Deep learning for computer vision.

Aditya wrapped up the session, talking about how SCM is an area where a lot of AI/ML implementation are in phased schedules and people are adopting solutions like drone, camera recognition and image to character recognition which were explained through the session.

Some audience questions answered in the session:

  1. Who implements AI in this whole Supply Chain system?
  2. What kind of technology is used in SME’s and the AI and other process?
  3. How to prove ROI while bringing in facial recognition and how to substantiate ROI?

Aditya Prabhakara, Head of Technology at Aritha, was the main speaker at the webinar Chatbot CI/CD

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