Many mobile apps that aim to provide platform agnostic solutions, face challenges in attaining parity in design and implementation. Applications with consumer at the heart of value proposition, have been contemplating the ways to solve this challenge especially where scale is involved.

In the mobile app development world, Flutter is one such technology that promises device agnostic design and implementation with ease. How does one enable feature teams to build features simultaneously on web and mobile apps? 

In this webinar, Rajat Anantharam has spoken about how — the #1 online real estate platform in the Netherlands — validated Flutter as a solution to enable feature teams. That too, with an app that is live and being used by thousands of customers at any instance.

The webinar focused mainly on three aspects of validating Flutter at large scale.

  1. What problem did want to go about solving?
    • Discuss team topologies
    • Discuss bounded contexts
  2. How did validate flutter as a solution fit?
    • Building a release candidate and testing at scale 
    • Building an architecture that is scalable across the organisation
    • Challenges and advantages of integration with CI/CD 
    • Dive into the IPC (Inter Process Communication) between native and flutter modules 
  3. A sneak peek on the mobile strategy going forward, based on the learnings from Flutter validation

In this webinar, the speaker Jayaprakash Puttaswamy (JP), shared his experience on role of managers in developing technical agility of their teams.

This webinar was presented by Ravi KS, a technology enthusiast with over 15 years of development & automation experience handling large enterprise projects across various domains.

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